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Tabletop Sentinel is a platform for everyone involved in Tabletop gaming and interactive storytelling.

Based in Sheffield, UK, Tabletop Sentinel was founded by industry stalwarts Gavin Moorcroft of 'Relics' fame and Colin Richardson, renown for his expert VTT integrations alongside steev who brings expertise in building tech teams and getting media startups off the ground.

Businesses, influencers, and independent creators can join as founding business members, gaining early access to our platform for publishing and analytics. If you're a YouTuber, fanzine editor, independent journalist, or part of a gaming entity, this is your chance to help shape a platform aimed at the future.

Gavin Avatar, some kind of elf/halfing with a beard in a modern 3d printing workshop.

Gavin Moorcroft (he/him)


Wrangler of dice and dreamer of worlds, Gavin is the one who can't sit still long enough to let an idea pass-by.

His vision for the tabletop gaming industry hinges on innovative communication technologies, aiming to bridge players across the globe into a vibrant, interactive community.

Colin Richardson (he/him)

Community Manager/Co-founder

Builder of worlds, spanning continents, systems and universes. Roleplaying and running games since school days and not stopped.

Continues to this day to build content, especially around VTT, supporting large and small publishers, trying to give a voice to those lost in the sea of content.

Tom. Destroyer of worlds.

Tom Cole (he/him)

Quantum Change Agent

Tom generally dislikes computers but is very good at bending them to his will and vision. Full of pointless *NIX arcana, but recently finding joy in teaching it to others. Got into wargaming through GW and stayed for all the fun indie stuff.

Binary embrace,

Yukon dreams call through the code,

Escape to the wild.

steev Avatar, a line drawn blocky robot with multicoloured dreadlocks and a resting bitch face.

steev (he/him)


steev designs and builds all the bugs and unfinished features in the web, backend and mobile apps.

He's been building web apps since the 1890's, ran a record label, built a social shopping network, scaled tech teams and now, when not building things for TTS, is trying to build unusual interfaces to persistent interactive fiction.

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