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Warhammer: The Old World - Tomb Kings of Khemri and Bretonnia Core Boxes Unveiled

Games Workshop Unleashes War in Warhammer: The Old World - Introducing Tomb Kings of Khemri and Bretonnia Core Boxes, Complete with Over 150 Miniatures, Rulebooks, and More.

By The Galactic Gardeners Club

Games Workshop has announced the upcoming release of two separate core army boxes for its "Warhammer: The Old World" game. Each box, themed around the Tomb Kings of Khemri and the Kingdom of Bretonnia, respectively, contains an entire 1,250-point army with a comprehensive range of miniatures and gaming accessories.

Tomb Kings of Khemri Box Contents

The Tomb Kings box features an expansive set of 93 miniatures, headlined by the new Liche Priest on Necrolith Bone Dragon, a versatile model with multiple build options. The army is further bolstered by 40 Skeleton Warriors, 32 Skeleton Archers, 16 Skeleton Horsemen, and three Skeleton Chariots, representing a diverse range of units for players.

Bretonnia Core Box Highlights

Bretonnia's box includes 76 miniatures showcasing the new Lord on Royal Pegasus, which can be constructed as a Duke or a Baron alternatively. Supporting units include 12 Bretonnian Knights of the Realm, 36 Men-at-Arms, 24 Peasant Bowmen, three Pegasus Knights, and various accessories.

Warhammer: The Old World Rulebook

In addition to the core boxes, a 352-page rulebook will be available with detailed background information, rules, and a gallery of armies. This rulebook will also be accessible in digital format.

Forces of Fantasy and Ravening Hordes

At launch, rules for all nine factions will be divided into two books: "Forces of Fantasy" covering the forces of Good and "Ravening Hordes" for the Evil factions. These books include comprehensive details about each faction's army, special rules, magic items, and spells.

Arcane Journals for Added Depth

Games Workshop is also releasing softback Arcane Journals for each faction. While these are not required for gameplay, they offer additional historical scenarios, special characters, and thematic armies.

Additional Miniatures and Future Releases

The Tomb Kings of Khemri will see additional miniatures, including Nekaph, Emissary of Settra, and a Battle Standard Bearer. More miniatures for other factions are planned for future release, alongside Legacy army list PDFs for factions from Warhammer Fantasy Battles.

As fans eagerly await more details, including the pre-order date, Games Workshop advises keeping an eye on the Warhammer Community for upcoming announcements.

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