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0200 Hours: A Novel Approach to WWII-Themed Tabletop Wargaming

Dive into '0200 Hours,' a WWII-themed tabletop game. Experience the thrill of night raids, combining stealth, strategy, and rich historical detail.

Welcome to our deep dive into 0200 Hours from Grey for Now, a unique WWII-themed tabletop wargame that brilliantly melds stealth, strategy, and historical authenticity. With its focus on night-time raids, this game promises and delivers a thrilling blend of tactical gameplay and suspenseful decision-making.

First Impressions

The first thing that struck me about 0200 Hours was the exceptional quality of its components, adding a tactile richness to the overall experience. As you delve into the game, you're immediately captivated by its innovative gameplay mechanics, especially the visibility rules. This feature, where units have limited fields of vision and enemies remain hidden in the darkness until detected, adds an exhilarating layer of realism to the game. Every move you make feels impactful, with suspense hanging in the air as you navigate the shadows.


The miniatures in the game, produced in partnership with Wargames Atlantic, are another highlight. The attention to detail in these figures is commendable, enhancing the WWII setting and immersing players even more deeply into the historical context.


The Order and Event cards are central to the game, which introduce a strategic layer allowing for complex maneuvers and unexpected twists. The Order cards represent the elite training of the attackers, permitting actions like performing multiple actions in a turn or enabling free actions for other fighters. Event cards reflect the unpredictable elements of war, including unusual defensive efforts and random occurrences that impact the attackers. These cards introduce a layer of unpredictability, requiring players to adapt their strategies on the fly.


The dice system in 0200 Hours is another aspect that enriches the gameplay. With two types of unique dice – white for noisy, fast actions and grey for quieter, stealthier moves – the game emphasizes the balance between stealth and aggression. The outcome of the dice rolls, linked to the characters' abilities, influences the success of actions, adding another layer of strategy.

Stealth and Detection

At the heart of 0200 Hours, the stealth and detection rules perfectly capture the tension and strategy of WWII night-time raids. Players must navigate their units carefully, balancing the risks of fast movement against the benefits of cautious advancement. Strategic decision-making based on the environment, enemy positioning, and unit capabilities is crucial.


0200 Hours stands out in tabletop wargames for its perfect blend of historical setting, engaging gameplay, and unique mechanics. Whether you're a beginner or a seasoned player, this game offers a refreshing challenge and hours of immersive, thought-provoking gameplay. If you're interested in a WWII-themed game that transcends traditional battle strategies, 0200 Hours is a must-try. Bringing a fresh perspective to the genre and promising exciting sessions as you maneuver your miniatures in the dark.

You can find further details on the game and all the current range over on the Grey for Now website

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