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Final Games UK Character Collectibles. (Spikey)

Over sized, 3up scale collectible models. Not really for gaming (We know you would though) These are specially sculpted large scale versions of Final Games Characters in new poses and with custom base... Read More

By Final Games UK

This is Spikey. The real name of this giant Alien is not really known, found as a baby hidden away in the industrial region of District 17 on the planet Phoenicia 3.

In the crater of a large explosion within the Smelting area of the region, the baby that would go on to be known as Spikey was discovered. None of the inhabitants knew what happened to how this being came to be there. It was originally believed to be an attack from District 22's Harridan gang, wanting to steal Heavy Gravity Suits in order to do a heist in District 7. Turns out it might not have been. There in the middle of the rubble and destruction was Spikey. As a small baby wrapped in nothing more than a space suit two long spikes sticking through the helmet. Which is how they named this being.

As the years past Spikey grew to be a giant rocking in at a little under 10 feet tall, Massive muscled forearms and off three fingers hands, but these fingers were giant.

Once the time came joining the District 17 Gargoyles, Spikey became a great close combat fighter, with hands the size of tree trunks and the strength greater than any human, this giant would wipe the floor with their enemies, making the Gargoyles one of the fiercest kindred's around. As the years progressed though the founding members were taken out one by one leaving Spikey alone. Deciding to find where home could be Spikey started ton move from Gang to gang, being paid handsomely for each service offered, this brought fame and influence, which was used to try and find out where this monster came from. But no one in the world of Phoenicia 3 had ever seen another like Spikey. So the search was widened and our ferocious warrior jumped on a transport ship and took for the stars to find where they belonged.

This is a 100mm version of Spikey, the photos are straight out the printer, I just wanted to get the pics up and show it off as fast as I could.

Will eventually be avaliable on the Finalgames UK website. I am only going to release 100 of this model as with all the Collectibles, which will be made to order.

I'll be honest I doubt I will sell more any so here is no fear of missing out.

He will come out as a gaming model down the road but not in this baseball bat pose and probably with his shirt on.


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