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Final Earth.?.

This is a SPINE. I know I know it looks a bit like a Hedgehog, and that is maybe because it might well have been.

By Final Games UK

Well there was a reason I named it Final Games and that was because the first thing I put together was Final Earth.

This is a Spine, most people think Came up with the name from the fact they are based on Bipedal hedgehogs, and they would be partially right.

I designed 5 tribes all to be based on the same animal and ones I got finished naming them I realized the Initial letter of each tribe could spell PINES. I didn't like this so they got reshuffled and they became the species known as SPINEs. Oddly the Hedgehog design was the Third Species I put together.

Anyway I should introduce you to the world of Koa. Well that is what the Spines named it the Scarc call it Tratooth and the Irittik call is... I'm not sure i don't speak Rat, yet.

Koa in the early stages has just come out of the stone age and is slowly working into the Bronze age. Each tribe is finding it's feet on this tiny island they call home. In the North the Scarc control the mountains and the woodland, fiercely holding off invasion from the outside lands though also Waring within as each of the Naroo leaders trying to wrestle resource areas for their own.

In the South there are the swarming Trikiii, these five limed abominations have no desire other than eat and mate. They swarm their lands devouring everything. While there are rumors of some splinter group breaking off to form a settlement, the present mass pushing north is of a larger concern and so this has not been looked into fully. Though it should be considered looking into what is driving them this way.

Spines are lead by a council. Which in turn is lead by a Spiri (elder) To be an Spiri you first must be wise and also old and finally and this is the important bit you must be a Spine. Each tribe has a leader and a council leader these are not the same person. The tribes as well break up into different classes.

The Pramor tribe are mainly hunters, they live towards the outer edge of the territory and trade in meat and furs, some of the best warriors come from the Pra tribe.

The Intiilla bring forth the smartest of the Spines, they discover new things all the time, they are settled near the hillier section of the territory. From these medicine and new ways of doing things often appear. They believe we can actually convince the cattle to stop wandering and live in fenced off regions!

The Nawbrak grow and maintain the vast amount of grain and wood needed to keep out people running. With the help of the previous two tribes they have devised ways to maintain food supplies to all of the tribes through out the cycles of warm and cold we endure.

The Eruhurt produce tools and weapons for all the tribes. Well this isn't actually true, none of this is each tribe does specialize in a specific thing but each tribe can also do what the other tribes can do, they just aren't quiet as adept at it as the ones that study the discipline as deeply.

Also tribe members move tribes all the time. You may grow up in Nawbrak but you might find you have a talent for crating tools and move to the Eruhurt tribe as they have the best access to the resources you require to create these magnificent items.

The Spiricub. The first tribe. These were the first to settle in this part of the lands, and with it they forged homesteads and farmlands, created cities and places of learning, wonders of a stone-age marvel. each tribe started here, once the town outgrows itself then they send out parties into the world to find new lands and to build new cities. This was the way this was always the way, and now as the time grows near each of these tribes is preparing to do it once more. As size grows more resources are needed and more room to expand must come with it as well as new discoveries.

And this is where we begin in Final Earth. The Bronze age is starting for the Spines, above we have the Scarc who while in the midst of their own civil war are also looking to expand as are the Spine and from the south some the Trikii looking to either take everything that isn't nailed down or out run something that is coming. We will have to wait and see on that front.

If I ever get this finished, the stories and back grounds are done maps are drawn, I've never got round to planning the mechanic. I'm a skirmish gamer and I feel this would lend itself more to 15mm or even 8mm. With modern 3D Printing this shouldn't be to hard to achieve, as said I just haven't played much at the scale and as such am unsure what to do for a mechanic.

If I get good feed back on this I might look into it, what started this was me just looking through old models I had sculpted and just tidying them up and preparing to print them to give myself something to paint.

Or am I working on the game?

Hope you enjoyed.


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