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Gloom Trench 1926 - United States of America

By 1926, the U.S. stands as the most heavily committed nation in the World's War, battling not just on foreign fronts but defending its own territory against a coalition of formidable foes.

By Fickle Dice Games

Having joined the World’s War in 1917, the United States have since committed more men and hardware to the conflagration than any other nation. By 1926 it continues to wage war. With its enemies including Germany, Bolshevik Russians, the Motherland of Rus and the British Empire, America’s armed forces are in action not only in Europe and Russia, but also in defence of its home soil.

As with the other world powers, the U.S. is alarmed by the side-effects of Great Britain’s Rift technology. From the initial wisp of fog to the first Scourge incursion, the American government has been vociferous in its condemnation of Britain’s RAM Spikes. Their concerns only increase as Britain unveils more and more Rift weaponry in the shape of larger, vehicle-mounted RAM Spikes, bombs and artillery.

This concern has led to all-out war between the United States and Great Britain. Their navies fight in both the Pacific and Atlantic oceans, with these engagements akin to the naval battles of yore as their warships exchange thunderous broadsides. But these battles are fought with weapons even more terrifying than those used in traditional naval battles. The American ships are at once pugilistic and surgical in their execution. Not only do they bludgeon their targets to death with traditional naval guns, but they also slice those targets with sustained laser beams. The British ships, meanwhile, bore their American quarry with RAM cannons, at once visiting destruction on their targets, but also inviting yet further incursions from the Scourge…

The U.S. Navy is also pitted against that of Imperial Germany. This conflict features not only traditional battles between American and German capital ships, but also deadly games of cat and mouse with Germany’s U-boats. Fighting with sonar and depth charges, the American navy is bent on destroying those submarines. Failure will allow the Germans to either fire their torpedoes at or teleport their assault marines aboard the American ships.

Seeking to place the last surviving Russian heir back on her throne, an American Expeditionary army is now mired in a glacial campaign in Russia. It weathers not only the murderous cold of the Russian winter and armed resistance from the Bolsheviks, but also the deadly attentions of the Motherland of Rus. Led by the sorcerous Rasputin, the Motherland aims to wrest control of Russia not only from the warring Bolshevik and royalist Russians, but also the invading Germans and Americans. Rasputin is aided not only by his cabal of children, but also supernatural allies such as the infamous Baba Yaga. It is this ancient witch who now hunts and preys upon the American expeditionary force in Russia. Not only does she use the elements against the Americans, calling a particularly cruel winter down upon them, but also supernatural allies such as yetis and even the walking dead. To resist only one of these enemies would be a Herculean feat, but to withstand all three borders on the impossible.

All the while, the United States itself is divided amongst invaders. To the south an alliance of German and Mexican forces makes slow, incremental gains in the state of Texas. Meanwhile, the British Empire spends the blood of its subjects to buy slow, incremental gains, advancing not only from the Canadian border, but also from Oregon and California.

But America fights on. It has known the yoke of oversees rule and will not wear it again. Nor will it see its other allies suffer such oppression. More pressing still, America has seen first-hand the danger Britain’s Rift technology poses to the world, and it will not allow it to go unchecked.

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